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Parasomnia: sleepless and haunted

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When sleep refuses to enter your body night after night – then bringing restless nightmares when it does – cracks start to appear in your reality. The world around you slows down or speeds up or twists in surreal ways as your sleep deprived mind tries to cope with its sluggish inability to operate. Sleep bleeds into your reality and vice versa, and you lose sight of what’s real and what’s a fabrication of your rest-deprived mind.

That nightmarish blur of real and surreal is captured by Paco Matteo Li Calzi in his video PARASOMNIA. The video’s editing plays with speed and repetition, flashes of light and movement of shadows. The theme is loosely a journey into Paco’s own mind; a reflection of a personal experience. But, as Paco tells us, it’s also about letting the viewer explore their own darkest side.

parasomnia video

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