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Capital Force shampoo from Kerastase Homme

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In terms of grooming, the majority of men have come a long way from a simple clean and are now taking more care in their appearance. However, I think we are (thankfully) still very far from words such as soft, shiny & lustrous in the way we describe our hair care regime. That’s why I’ve made the decision to keep at least my reviews of products precision targeted to men as forthright and to the point as possible. How it goes on, what it does, how it comes out and maybe, if we’re feeling particular piquant, how it smells.

The last point being particularly important to today’s product, the latest offering from K√©rastase Homme – Capital Force shampoo with System Taurine – yep, named similarly to the suspiciously energising ingredient that goes into Red Bull. The press release plays on every man’s inner fear – hair loss – and why not? Having just started my battle of the bald spot, I know I’d try nearly anything to promote some hair growth in the thinning region. So below is my experience with the newest member on my shower’s shelf family.

Kerastase Homme Capital Force

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