Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The hardcase as handbag: vintage luggage inspires for fall

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When postcards and polaroids were the way to share memories and exotic places were still unexplored, travel was something exclusive, exciting, romantic. That excitement and romance could be folded neatly and packed into a little leather hardcase, and plastered with stickers like mementoes of places been and things seen. To this day it doesn’t matter if it’s an elegant overnight travel case to take a girl from city to country, or a rectangular piece of monogrammed luggage to carry onto a train or plane, there’s a definite vintage nostalgia to a structured carry case and connotations of travel that go with it.

With fall 2012 fashion revisiting many an era past, it’s not really surprising that luggage styles have made it to the runway in lieu of handbags.

hardcase handbag

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by Tania Braukämper via Fashionising.com

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