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5 perfumes men love on a woman

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It only takes a drop of perfume on warm skin to make you feel sexy, glamourous, luxurious and wanted. And it also only takes a sniff of that very drop for your man to fall head over heels in love with you.

Research has proven that scents have a huge impact on a male’s hormones and their sexual attraction towards their female interest. You could be on your first date or celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, men will always be attracted to certain scents.

But how does your man want you to smell?

Some like their women to be au natural, i.e. fresh, clean with minimal synthetic scents. But at the same time, a sensous, woody scent on a woman’s neck can also drive them wild.

While we do recommend you ask your man what he likes, until then, these are’s top picks for fragrances, as per the occasion, that will make your man leap… towards you, of course!

perfumes men love

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